Avoid Thak-Thak Gang on Delhi-NCR Traffic Signals

Avoid Thak-Thak Gang on Delhi-NCR Traffic Signals

Thak-Thak Gang is the most active on the streets of Delhi. Most of the cars are boarded by the target of this gang. They are those people who are going to the car alone. The miscreants of Thak-Thak gang have targeted Gopal, who works as property in Noida this time.

Gopal says that he came out of his noida office to go to Seelampur in the evening. When he was on the traffic signal of Seelampur, a man struck his car’s glass.

They took down the mirror and asked him why he did this. Then, on the back mirror, another man hit him hard, as soon as Gopal turned back, the person standing next raised the mobile phone placed on the dash board and ran fast traffic. Until Gopal could understand something, both the miscreants had escaped.

Police say that Thak-Thakur gang specifically targets those who are alone in the car, apart from this, traffic congestion takes place on the Red Light, so that there is no difficulty in escaping from the spot.

According to the police, these people are present on the red light between 6 am to 9 pm and 8 am to 11 pm in most of the evening. On the complaint of Gopal, the police has registered a case and is conducting investigations in this case.

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