China showed Duma bouncer on Canada in the case of Dum

China showed Duma bouncer on Canada in the case of Dum, Huwai

The arrest of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Huawei Technologies, a Chinese financial company (CFO) Under pressure from China, Huefei CFO and founder’s daughter Meng Wanzhou have been granted bail in Canada, but under American pressure, Canada is not applying for exit from the country. Now China has made a new bet for withdrawing CFO from Canada. A senior official of the Canadian Embassy in China has been arrested while another officer is being interrogated.

It is worth noting that last week the US had accused the Chinese company Huwai that the US had violated the ban. After which a Canadian court told that Hughi’s CFO Meng Wanzhou was arrested and preparing for extradition to the US.

According to Canada Law Department spokesman Ian McLood, Meng Wanzhou was arrested from Vancouver, British Columbia. The US increased pressure on Canada demanding Meng Wanzhou’s immediate extradition. At the same time, soon after the disclosure of the matter of arrest, the Chinese government intervened in the matter and appealed for the release of Meng. But there is no effect on the Canadian government, but China has granted Meng bail from the Canadian Court, but it is necessary to remove the demand for extradition of America to get out of Canada.

It is worth mentioning that for a year, the US Chinese company is investigating the violation of sanctions against Iran by Hwai. The US claims that the company has done the job of sending the consignment of Hoi Ani phones manufactured to the US to some other countries including Iran. At the same time, America also believes that Huawei works on the Chinese government’s instruction, besides being a private company of China.

Meng is also the deputy chairperson of the Board of the Company and is the daughter of the founder of the company Ren Zhengfei. Huwai has consistently claimed that Meng Wanzhou did not do any wrongdoing that he should be arrested and handed over to the US through extradition.

It is special that the arrest of CFO Ming of Huwai occurred at a time when recently during the G20 meeting in Argentina, the United States and China have worked to explore the possibility of developing new trade tricks to hold trade war. Now the experts believe that after the arrest of Meng, there can be a new tension in US and China relations. According to the agreement, the two countries have to draft a new trade agreement within 90 days by resolving the trade dispute.

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